Career Start Day November 2019

The Careers department was delighted to welcome Karen Kimura from the GDST to deliver Career Start sessions to Years 7-9 and 11 this week. The students enjoyed dynamic presentations and group discussions focussing on the transferable skills they need to develop to face this changing future.

Year 7 considered what their futures may look like and came up with amazing ideas like cars that fly, iris and face recognition instead of passwords, food provided by insects, teachers replaced by holograms. More creativity was evident with suggestions of driverless cars, a pen that pops out of your fingertip when needed, extraction of DNA from extinct species and being chipped to understand all languages. There were of course some disadvantages highlighted with these potential changes.

They also spent time talking about ways they can develop a variety of skills which included:

·         Talking to new people to develop communication skills.

·         Negotiate a pay rise in your pocket money with your parents.

·         Take other people’s ideas on board to help enhance problem solving skills.

A lively discussion followed as Y8 learned about a range of familiar and unfamiliar occupations. They became aware of stress levels, difficulty of entry to a career and the likelihood of being replaced by a robot.

In the sessions for Years 9 and 11, both groups considered the process of decision making, which will be important when they go on to make transitions and option choices. Future success depends upon careful preparation and the students reflected upon the factors that shape decisions such as:

·         It’s out of my hands.

·         I followed the crowd.

·         I researched the options.

·         I need to pass the exam ready for the next stage.

Students also realised how influential different groups of people are in their decision making. Should they follow the path their parents took or be influenced by their peer group? Other considerations included  job security, lifestyle, company values, which may all contribute to the career path that attracts us.  Thank you to everyone who made the day so successful.

Posted 15 November 2019


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