Fairtrade in Howell’s Prep School – March 2020

Fairtrade in Howell’s Prep School – March 2020

It has been Fairtrade Fortnight and with Year 6 at Storey Arms for one of those weeks, we squeezed all, of our activities into one week.

On Tuesday the KS2 reps visited the Fair Dos Shop in Canton to choose stock for our Fairtrade Stall this week. We dropped in very lucky as there was a visitor there who helps run a Fairtrade cooperative for olive farmers in Palestine. The cooperative has been extremely successful and we heard how much more the farmers and suppliers now get paid for their olive oil, which is exported to the UK and the United States. The visitor, Mohammed, also explained how much the local communities have also benefited from the cooperative, with other shops, businesses and suppliers now earning more.

On Wednesday and Thursday, we ran our Fairtrade Stall, selling a variety of Fairtrade items. These included bracelets, jewelled boxes and pens, felt brooches and bookmarks, dream catchers, wooden animals and, of course, CHOCOLATE! Thank you everyone who visited our stall and helped to support Fairtrade.  All the money we make goes straight back to the Fair Dos Shop who then ensure it gets back to the farmers, manufacturers and suppliers.

Finally, our assembly on Thursday morning explained how rainforests are being destroyed in some parts of the world, due to farmers trying to earn enough money to feed their families and buy medicines when they are ill. Fairtrade is helping farmers in rainforest areas to earn a fair wage for their hard work in forest-friendly ways, ensuring that our rainforests are kept safe.

Well done to all the Howell’s Prep School Fairtrade reps, from Reception up to Year 6, who all worked tirelessly this week to help spread the word of the importance of choosing Fairtrade products wherever possible.

Posted 11 March 2020
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