Flash Fiction

8L had great fun with their Christmas Creative writing Challenge: a 200 word flash fiction piece with the title 'A Weird Christmas.'  Amber produced an atmospheric piece, which impressed us all!


A weird Christmas, Amber P

I woke up on Christmas day to find vivid lights and flamboyant ornaments clinging on to the emerald tree. Needles covered the wooden tiles, revealing very little of the oak floor. Metallic tinsel wraps itself around the branches and a dazzling angel is carefully placed at the top. Above the fire sits a little red elf. His long half-stuffed legs hang off the edge of the mantelpiece. His intimidating stare follows you wherever you go, wherever you travel, no matter how fast you run. His ruby hat sits perfectly on his tiny head; it drapes down to his shoulders. On the end dangles a pearl white ball.  The half-eaten mince pies sit on the side of the table, an empty glass with a few drips of white milk swirl around transparent cup. I look outside to find the fields caked in a blanket of icy snow. The swings hold glossy icicles that cling to the bottom. Bare trees sway in the cold, light breeze and a layer of clouds hide the golden sun. But one thing is missing. There are no children. The presents lie lonely underneath the Christmas trees, neatly wrapped up in colourful paper. Perfectly tied ribbons embrace the fragile packages.

Posted 17 January 2020


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