Netball News 12th Jan 2018

U15 Netball V Corpus Christi
The U15s played an excellent netball match against local rivals Corpus Christi. Both teams started well, then Howell’s stormed into the lead. Annabelle's shooting in the first half was on target and solid securing in excess of 9 goals. Maisie controlled the game well as centre, facing some tough competition from a very quick opponent. With clever centre pass set plays Howell’s were able to take the ball into the shooting circle within 3 passes, which was excellent.  The second half still saw Howell’s scoring a further 7 goals with Jess’s handy work at play; but the opposition did give us a tough time. They also showed improvements in the second half and temperatures were rising on the court. Robyn and Issy used their rebound skills well and every missed opportunity by Corpus meant the ball was back in Howell’s half in a flash. Esther and Georgia both played very well in the centre areas of the court, keeping the momentum of play fast and furious.
Player of the match: Annabelle
U13A and B Netball V Corpus Christi
The U13 team had a tough game against a much taller Corpus Christi team. Despite the height differences there was some nice moments of play. Corpus had a very strong shooter so when the ball entered our defensive circle it did cause concern. Our centre passes were strong in the first half with some great play from Taylor, Olivia and Becky. Unfortunately the girls were not able to keep the score close despite efforts being pushed to the highest levels.
Players of the matches: Becky and Annie

Posted 12 January 2018


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