PC Jane came to talk to us in our assembly today about staying safe on Halloween and Bonfire night.

Halloween: If your family celebrate Halloween and you go trick or treating you should go with an adult, stay with your friends, never go inside a stranger's house. Tricks should not be destructive or damaging; think about doing a magic trick or telling a joke. Respect signs in people's houses that say no callers please or if house is in darkness. Halloween is a very busy night for the police; be respectful and stay safe.

Bonfire Night: Bonfire night is another busy night, for the police and the Fire Service. Stand back from bonfires and fireworks. Wear gloves when holding a sparkler and never pick one up once it's been put down.

Keep your pets safe, and remember if your clothes do catch a spark: STOP. DROP. ROLL.

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Posted 18 October 2018


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