Tuesday’s Poetry Pit Stop

Tuesday’s Poetry Pit Stop

On Tuesday 31st March our Poetry Pit Stop Challenge was inspired by the beautiful rainbows that are appearing in windows all over the world. Mrs Persson invited our community to write a short poem which contained either two colours, or the word 'rainbow' in it. Once again we were thrilled by the responses and are pleased to share a selection of them.

Blue like the sky,
Your eyes are rainbows
Glimmering in the rainy sky.
And your love is as red as a heart.
Benji P, aged 8

Black is black and white is white,
though neither can truly exist.
Rather we focus on that that is bright,
on what is known, not on what is missed.
Absence is there and absence persists,
it is solitude we need to fight.
Nothing is all, but brightness resists
and colour can keep us in sight.
Mr Walters

There once were white goats from Llandudno,
Who asked, ‘Where did all of the folks go?’
They trekked tarmac of grey
‘Til police came to say,
‘’Scuse me goats, roaming here is a no no!’
Mrs Persson

My rainbow basket...

Radish, crispy red and
Juicy ripe oranges.
Sun filled banana - lemon yellow -
Green, crunchy apples
Blueberries, fresh and sweet,
Aubergine, a tasty indigo resting close to
Vividly violet grapes.
Mrs Richards

Do words trigger colours in your head?
When you hear “virus” do you think “red”?
When you hear “tranquil” do you think “blue”?
Maybe you don’t but I sure do!
B Williams

Posted 01 April 2020


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