Year 8 Enjoy Science Fun

On Friday 7th July, Year 8 went to At-Bristol, it was super fun with so many activities to explore and enjoy. My favourite one was in the food area. There was a robot who asked me what types of food I might like, I had to nod if I like it. After lots of questions I eventually had a chicken curry recipe printed. We had some free time which allowed us to explore lots of the exhibits, my favourites were the bubbles section and making flour but the slanted house made me feel sick! We also had fun in the brain lab workshop where we learnt about the process of diagnosing and treating brain cancer and the many people who contribute to helping them. The Planetarium was epic! It was fascinating that there could be something or someone on a different planet out there. We had a brilliant time and learned so much more about Science.
Maddie B, Year 8

Posted 20 July 2017


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