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13 January 2021

Year 8 Wintery Spells

To celebrate the final December days last term, some of Year 8 created their own wintery spells.  They mixed in some magic, swirled in some snowman and were generally inspired by a lovely writing workshop video by Children’s Laureate for Wales, Eloise Williams, posted online by Literature Wales. Can you guess what the spells were intended to do?


Emma B

When you think the time is right, to commit yourself to the world of flight, 

You must find the feather of a hyacinth, 

And take it to the highest plinth, 

And gather the most Icelandic weather, 

You must attempt to extract a feather, 

From the most hardy avian, 

And collect the weather most Scandinavian, 

Add all to the pot, 

Stir three times the lot, 

And leave to cool in the light of Saturn, 

To bake and gain the final pattern. 


Genevieve C


  • 3 elves on the shelves
  • Santa’s beard
  • Red ribbon

How to bake it

It will bake In the hole of an extinct volcano


Watch out where you step,

You may cause a scene with the elves,

Mix three grumpy looking elves on the shelves,

Found in the cave by the dinosaur eggs

Drop a whole crispy, slimy Santa’s beard,

Swirl in some red ribbon and do be careful of

the weird looking toil and trouble.

Bake for 30 minutes in an extinct volcano

Until it turns red like blood.


Rhiannon E-B

Winter spell

Put 1 chopped holly in a small, see-through bowl,

Add the small, fluffy clouds and press down gently until smooth,

Get foam from the sea and mix it with 3 drops of cold, fresh rainwater,

Drop in the ice cube and stir until it melts,

Take 1 teaspoon of salt and mix thoroughly,

Once mixed, put underneath mistletoe on a full moon.


Cerys J

Snow Globe Curse 


This spell will cure the troublesome pests 

The winners and warriors who cause unrest 

First, tame the whirling snows from the highest peak 

And find the one that’s most unique 

Shatter a porcelain, prized child’s toy, 

Pick up the pieces that have been destroyed. 

A sprig of pine you will also need, 

And tinsel shavings if you are to succeed 

Unicorn tears are the final part 

Icy emotions, straight form the heart 

And once these are gathered, a pot you must brew 

Stir till the texture’s as thick as thick glue 

Wait till its pearlescent and begins to shine 

Then leave on the altar of Apollo’s shrine 

Until the eve of Christmas occurs, 

And the silver full moon can be seen through the firs 

Now your nemesis can be trapped in a sphere 

Forever they’ll live, in the cold and in fear. 


Isabella. P

To make this lovely position bubble,  

You may have to cause some trouble. 

This can only happen once a year so listen carefully so you hear    

Go to the lake, the dragon’s den, 

 And get 3 eggs from the pen 


Next go fast not slow, 

Past the woods of snowy roost 

Collect red leaves off the enchanted trees 

And don’t look at the geese.  


Collect these ingredients and count to three  

Add some water and stir until half red and white 

And only drink it at the dead of night. 


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