Nursery news, 31st March-4th April

This week the girls have been reading the story about the Three Little Pigs and talking about different types of materials. They have been creating their own story related to the Three Little Pigs and re-telling it to their friends. They are working hard learning how to form the numbers 1-9. 

Someone made a telescope and  when she looked through it she saw a pirate ship approaching!  The girls also found some footprints and think they might belong to the pirates!

An alien came to visit from the planet Mars and wanted to take all the water from Earth back to Mars, but the girls explained that our planet needs all the water for the plants, animals and humans, and gave him a little bucket to go back with!  He also wanted to know about the numbers on the fence, and the girls had to help him because he can't read numbers and kept getting them wrong! 

The garden is thriving with lots of wildlife and the girls have been finding lots of wiggly worms and snails.  They have been thinking about how to care for the creatures and learning about where they like to live.  This week the sunflower seeds have germinated and they have started to grow which everyone has been very excited about. 

Even more exciting was the visit back to the Year 2 classroom.   Last week the girls saw the eggs incubating in the incubator and this week they had hatched into beautiful chicks just in time for Easter.  The girls were all so excited and delighted to see them!


Posted 04 April 2014
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