Prep School Science Week March 2020

The week commencing Monday 9th March was a fantastically scientific one at Howell’s. The Book Buddy partner classes became Science Buddies, meeting up to share some of the Science they have been learning so far this year. There were so many exciting activities to share, including Skittles chromatography, weird sound and touch explorations, masses of skeletons, banana bongos and fruit pianos, marshmallow and sweetie blood, beautiful butterfly lifecycles, crazy floating and sinking, nappy snowmen and races to see if older or younger children are faster. Classes got involved in fun lunchtime science experiments with a little bit of magic thrown in.

On Tuesday, Year 5 did some amazing experiments with students from the Co-Ed College. All the experiments were fun and safe. Firstly, we did a volcanic experiment – we wrapped tin foil around a plastic cup and added baking powder and vinegar. We added food colouring and it erupted! It was exciting to see the colourful foam explode everywhere. For our next experiment we mixed food colouring and water with fluffy material and made blue snow. Then we used coloured sweets for an experiment – we added hot water and watched while the colours spread everywhere on the plate – it looked like a rainbow. For our third experiment we used baby oil. We added water with food colouring and put the oil on top. The oil stayed on the top because it is less dense. We then added a little tablet and it started creating bubbles in between the water and the oil! We learnt a new word - hydrophobic means to fail to mix with water. It was like a lava lamp – the bubbles were huge. Finally, we made slime. Surprisingly, we added shaving foam. Also, we added glue, scented food colouring and baking soda. We hope we will be able to do more activities like this in the future!’ by Kiana in Year 5


Posted 17 March 2020


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