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19 November 2020

Year 6 National Poetry Day Competition

Year 6 girls took part is Mrs Persson’s National Poetry Day competition and she was hugely impressed by all the entries. She judged the following two to be the winners:

What I See by Sophie B, 6J

You see an empty acre, grass brown from sun,

I see a forest full with mythical creatures.

You see a polluted ocean, day in, day out,

I see a new country waiting to be discovered.


You see a half empty glass,

But I see it half full.


You see an old house, cobwebs and broken clocks,

I see an opportunity, an opportunity for a fun Hallowe’en.

You see a pitch-black sky, owls but no stars,

I see the Northern Lights, green swirls of delight!


You see a half empty glass,

But I see it half full.


You see a broken world, a piece of art gone wrong,

But I see a planet with work to be done.


Here, There by Xinrong Z, 6S

Here, years pass in the blink of an eye,

Here, seasons change with everlasting conserve.

Here, I am stuck, suspended in time,

Here, unable to act, only to observe.


There, spring, the sun and air is still cold,

There, swallows glide over a glittering lake.

There, summer, hot sun, laughing children,

There, days stretch longer making wonderful shapes.


Here, my heart aches, watching my people,

Here, I watch the beautiful sea shift and change.

Here, I watch as the land loses green,

Here, my tears flow down my face, trapped in a cage.


There, autumn, red, orange, yellow, gold,

There, the melody of birds is strong, not weak.

There, winter leaves fall, trees are barren,

There, white snow is something I can never keep.



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