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About Us

There's lots of grey matter at Howell's School, Llandaff GDST— the architectural kind, thanks to the Victorian architecture in all its gothic glory, and the biological sort.

Of course, it's the latter that makes us most proud, and when it comes to our exam results, students at Howell's shine as some of the brightest stars in Wales.

Located in the leafy Cardiff suburb of Llandaff, Howell's School caters for girls aged 3 -18 and for boys aged 16 -18. The school's founder, Thomas Howell, wanted to create greater opportunities for young women, and Howell's School has been changing lives since it opened its doors.

His generosity gave many young women access to an education that would elevate and inspire them, and in the 21st century the school still creates opportunities for girls and boys from all backgrounds.

At Howell's School, Llandaff we put a great value on a rich and varied life outside of the classroom, and the list of extra-curricular activities that students take part in is seemingly endless, as well as endlessly varied. All students are encouraged to excel in any area in which they show interest or talent.

The future we are preparing the students for is full of excitement, rapid change and extraordinary challenges. At Howell's School, we are committed to producing young adults who are assured, adaptable, motivated and courageous.

All that is needed is determination and a willingness to try new things. Equipped with these, at Howell's you will find a host of kindred spirits who will support and encourage you to develop your potential and pursue your dreams. 

The only real way to gauge the atmosphere and discover what we have to offer is to pay us a visit. Please email or telephone Chrissie Hall-Davis, Admissions Officer, on 029 20562019 to make an appointment.