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Why Choose Howell's & the GDST

Our Culture  

Howell’s is a dynamic and fast-paced School where hard work and successes are celebrated, and creativity and innovation are prized. Our culture is one of high performance, collaboration and sharing of best practice, and Staff at Howell’s can expect to be both challenged and supported.   

At Howell’s we value individuality and diversity. Our recruitment procedures and HR policies support diversity and wellbeing in the workplace. We want our teams to be able to be unapologetically themselves, as we believe that where people feel accepted and safe, they can truly reach their full potential.   

We have worked hard to develop a culture of trust and open dialogue, and our Leadership team is both available and approachable to all. We have a number of ways in which our people can voice their thoughts and ideas, including our Wellbeing Committee and annual Staff Engage Survey. 

Our teams are committed to the uncompromising principles which support our work: 

Girls first – Everything we do is built around girls and their needs.  

We are fearless – And we nurture it in our girls – girls who, in turn, are unafraid to speak out, and to think differently. 

We are forward-thinking – Embracing change, to prepare girls for an exciting future creates a dynamic learning environment. For everyone. 

We are family – Our power comes from being a family of schools, which collaborates, supports and shares all our learnings and experiences. 

At Howell’s we also see the importance of downtime and a chance to socialise and mix with colleagues outside of the classroom or office. We organise events, such as staff parties, that enable employees to meet people from various departments across the School.

Some of the comments from the 2023 employee survey include: 

“Howell’s has a family atmosphere, trust between Colleagues and a real care for individuals as people, not just employees.”  

“The sense of community, the warm and welcoming atmosphere and the way in which staff communicate and work together is excellent.” 

“Our school is a family and community, we support each other in times of difficulty and celebrate with each other when we are proud. Our school motto to work hard and be kind encapsulates what it is like to work here, we do all work very hard but it is an exceptionally kind place to be, There is lots of fun to be had also!” 

Employee Wellbeing  

Here at Howell’s, we understand that life happens to everyone, and so embedded within our culture threads a commitment to improving staff wellbeing, with a wide variety of interventions to support staff when they have challenges. These include: 

  • A culture of trust, open communication and flexibility when it comes to supporting our people.  

  • A programme of Continuous Conversations which take place termly, to facilitate time for our people to reflect and review current roles and responsibilities, identify what has gone well, areas for improvement and support, and objectives for the coming term. 

  • The Staff Wellbeing Committee, which meets every half term, allows staff to submit comments and questions through nominated representatives that are personally addressed by the Principal.

  • Our Employee Assistance Programme which provides counselling, financial & legal support.  

  • Access to BUPA Occupational Health Advisers to support employees struggling with their health in the workplace.  

  • Access to Mental Health First Aiders and our School Nurse.   

  • Online training suites which include courses such as Mental Health Awareness and Menopause in the Workplace.  

  • HR policies which actively support and promote employee wellbeing.  

“There are a number of wellbeing measures in place to give staff a voice, and there is also an open door culture where leadership are approachable and genuine.” 

“I feel that any issues affecting my wellbeing are communicated easily through our Wellbeing Committee. SLT are receptive to dealing with any concerns we have. I personally feel well supported and would not be worried about talking to anyone in SLT if I felt I was struggling.”  

“My line manager has treated me like an extended member of her family ever since I joined the school. She promotes a healthy work-life balance and is incredibly supportive when I’m suffering from illness or going through hard times in my personal life. It’s the little things that make a difference.”  

“I can turn to my line manager or Principal and the problem will be a top priority for them.” 


When you join us, you don’t just work with us, you become part of the GDST family: a group of 25 schools where girls learn without limits. You will belong to a network of diverse, dynamic and committed colleagues from a wide range of backgrounds, all dedicated to leading the way in girls’ education. Whether you are a teacher or looking for a non-teaching role, join us in our mission to be pioneers and the shapers of the future of girls’ education. At the GDST we know that together we are stronger. – Cheryl Giovannoni, Chief Executive 

The GDST providers facilitate staff development in a number of ways, which include opportunities to partner and collaborate across schools, positions such as Trust Consultant Teacher which facilitates knowledge-sharing and best practice across the organisation, and centralised training and supportive resources.