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The Bursary Fund

At Howell's, we know that education has the power to change lives. A Howell's bursary gives students access to that power.    

Through our Bursary Fund we create opportunities for students from all backgrounds to develop their individual talents and to build their passions as they grow and blossom. A donation to our Bursary Fund enables us to increase the number of bursary places available, to ensure we continue to enable the brightest and the best students to flourish at Howell's School, Llandaff.

Impact of a Howell’s Bursary

By enriching our classrooms with students from a range of backgrounds, with diverse perspectives, we are encouraging new approaches to problem solving and teaching all our students to question, challenge and debate. Every bursary creates an opportunity not just for the student, but for their family, their community and the networks that they will create in the future. Through both the Howell’s network and the GDST Alumni Network, we can see exactly how a Howell’s education impacts on our bursary recipients’ lives and the lives of others.

Parents of Bursary Recipient in Year 12

The Bursary scheme has enabled our daughter to pursue a path of education that she would never have had the chance to do. Our daughter has been given an opportunity to fulfil her dreams of attending a great university and hopefully will become a person who one day will be able to help others achieve great things. A good education is so important, and we feel blessed that our daughter has been given this opportunity through the generosity of bursary funding.

These times are very unsettling for everyone, naturally as a family we are very anxious about future funding that is so important in seeing our daughter through her education at Howell’s. We are even more grateful that people are willing to commit to supporting our daughter during these times.

Bursary Recipient in Year 12

Your help and support mean more than you possibly may ever be aware of. It is an absolute life changer. Without the bursary scheme I would probably be living a totally different life, finding it difficult to get the help and support I need to pursue my career. Thank you for opening a door and for being so selfless in supporting me.

To make a donation to our Bursary Fund please click here or for further information contact our Philanthropy and Communications Officer, Hannah Roberts on 02920 261825 or email   

For more information about applying for a bursary, please contact our Admissions Officer, Chrissie Hall-Davis on 02920 561832 or email

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