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The Prep School

Our Prep School girls are encouraged to recognise that education does not stop at the classroom door, that each moment of every day represents an opportunity to learn and to understand.

Howell's Prep School provides a stellar education to our energetic community of girls aged between three and eleven. We seek to foster a love of knowledge with the ability to question and make informed judgements. 

From Year 3 to Year 6, a Modern Foreign Language specialist teaches all our girls Spanish and French as part of the weekly timetable. From Reception to Year 6, girls also enjoy Welsh lessons and the whole curriculum has Welsh flavours in celebration of the history and culture of Wales.

An enhanced curriculum

There are many optional, extra-curricular clubs and activities to appeal to all interests and developing talents. Early morning yoga gets the day off to a fantastic start, and there are various sports clubs, including football, tennis, gymnastics and ballet. Gardening club and Forest School both get the girls exploring the expansive school grounds; and for budding linguists there are after-school clubs in French, German, Mandarin and Spanish. 

Performance plays a significant role in the life of Howell’s School. From the moment they join us, even our youngest girls have the opportunity to share in a wide range of artistic, dramatic and musical productions. Many of our Prep School girls choose to make time for instrumental music lessons, and many more join the choirs, orchestra, bands and ensembles, or put together their own musical groups, under the guidance of our Prep School Director of Music.

A caring environment

At times we all need a little extra support, and our girls know that there are many people who they can turn to, whether they have fallen out with a friend, have hurt themselves in the playground, or are worried about something they have heard on the news. Our teachers and teaching assistants encourage the girls to identify and discuss their feelings, exploring ways to overcome adversities and to promote wellbeing.

At Howell’s we pride ourselves on our inclusive, nurturing approach. Through providing activities and resources designed to immerse our young learners in a broad range of experiences, we aim to engender tolerance, understanding and moral sensitivity.

Outstanding facilities

The Prep School boasts vibrant, well-equipped facilities, designed to stimulate and inspire our young learners. All classrooms are bright, colourful and well-resourced, complete with interactive whiteboards and an array of equipment to enhance learning through experience. In our outdoor classroom, we enable our girls to develop a broad range of practical skills and an in-depth knowledge grounded in active, hands-on learning. 

In addition, the Prep School girls are taught all their PE lessons by sports specialists, and have access to the superb facilities of the Senior School, which include a sports complex, extensive playing fields and a swimming pool.

The Crocodile Club

Breakfast Club and After School Care

Howell’s School offers an inclusive Breakfast Club and After School Care. 

Howell’s Holiday Club

Howell’s Holiday Club is provided during the school holiday period. 

Prep School Parental Booklet

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