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Howell’s School Llandaff GDST is dedicated to developing collaborative partnerships with a wide range of nearby locally maintained primary and secondary schools.

The aims of the partnerships are to develop learners’ literacy, numeracy, scientific thinking, fitness, critical thinking, team work, confidence, musical skills and entrepreneurial skills. The partnerships have been recognised by Estyn as sector-leading practice.


Developing the scope and reach of these partnerships has brought benefits to students from local schools as well as Howell’s own students. It has provided a network of contacts in the community who enjoy sharing their skills and knowledge with learners and each other. They have extended their relationship with Howell’s to support other activities organised by the school which has proven to be mutually beneficial for all parties, cementing Howell’s as part of a wider community.

Learners’ standards have improved in a number of skills which are not necessarily measurable in a tangible way but are highly valued. Howell’s recognises the need for young people to develop their confidence, resilience, thinking skills and resourcefulness and these strategic partnerships are providing meaningful, fun experiences to discover those skills in themselves.

Sharing Good Practice

Good practice has been shared by: liaising with local primary and secondary schools; holding regular meetings with strategic groups such as CareersWales; giving presentations to other school leaders to promote ideas and documenting activities for staff and professionals to read. Evaluating and reflecting on the feedback received encourages improvement in the current programme of activities and Howell’s continues to seek out other ways of using partnerships to enhance learning.