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Join Us Under The Howell’s Umbrella!

For 160 years we have pioneered pathways for girls to take their place in the world.

In the 19th century, Howell's School, Llandaff redefined girls’ education in Wales and our reputation for excellence still endures, extending into our Co-Ed College.

As a GDST School we work hard to ensure that our fees remain as affordable as possible. This means that, although the fees cover the running expenses of the School, they cannot always cover the cost of the additional projects that can make a real difference to the lives of each of our students.

Our goal is for our students to succeed as never before; we are ambitious for them collectively and individually. To meet these needs we have a long term fundraising plan: Howell's Umbrella Giving (HUG).

Our plans for the next year include the maintenance and growth of the bursary fund and a Digital Language Lab.

A Digital Language Laboratory

The Modern Foreign Languages team at Howell’s is a department of vibrant, experienced and enthusiastic multi-linguists who specialise in teaching French, Spanish and Welsh. Whilst using proven traditional techniques, we also like to integrate the latest technology into our teaching to ensure all students have the right balance of speaking and listening activities.

With the Sanako 700 Digital Language Laboratory, students from Year 3 up to Year 13 will be able take part in live role play activities, describing images, telephone simulation and many other activities all under the control of the teacher. The unique voice insert technology allows students to work independently on question and answer activities or even practice their translation and interpretation skills.


It is so important that the kind of education that Howell’s School, Llandaff offers is not dependent on money. Knowledge is freely available to everyone, so the chance to develop that knowledge, to stretch your mind, to question and explore, should also be open to anyone.

We are committed to offering places to students from all backgrounds, as well as those already in school whose families may no longer be able to meet the fees. We are determined to increase the number of bursary places we offer and can only do this with your help.

Corporate Partnerships

At Howell’s we are passionate about building our calendar of events to engage with our local community. In order to reach a wider section of the community we have developed our Corporate Partnerships Programme, a scheme designed to help local businesses fulfil their corporate social responsibilities through a partnership with Howell’s. The project develops annual events which aim to match the needs of the company for the sponsorship sum of between £500 and £3000. The project enables local businesses to help a wide community of children under the safe direction of our well-established and highly regarded school. We currently have several partnerships including those with the English-Speaking Union and with HSBC.

We would love to hear from any businesses interested in supporting our Corporate Partnerships Programme so please contact Hannah Roberts, Development and Marketing Officer, on 029 2026 1825 or email for more information.


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