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Why Howell's School?

Howell’s School, Llandaff has been educating Cardiff's daughters since 1860.

Our school was founded on a pioneering approach to educating girls, and our future aims are no less ambitious.

A Howell’s girl is free to be herself. She is free to be ambitious, to be competitive, to be creative; to be a sports captain, a scientist, or a clown. Howell’s girls mature into young adults in a culture free from gender bias, encouraging them to believe that nothing is beyond their reach or consideration. 

All this develops a self-confidence and resilience that stays with them throughout their lives. Research currently shows that girls’ confidence starts to decline at the age of 8, and it only improves from the age of 80. Howell’s instills in girls the confidence they need for a successful future, and the teachers delight in watching them grow to become more assertive and willing to ask questions, make mistakes and take risks. 

We are proud to be a girls’ school because it enables us to offer girls the following advantages: 

Flexible learning 

We provide the optimum learning experience for girls, with discussion and collaboration privileged within the curriculum. 

No gender stereotypes 

Prejudice in any form would never be tolerated by a Howell's girl, which is why girls here are just as likely to flourish designing robots as they are playing football, debating a motion or playing the timpani. 

Positive spaces 

Our culture is informal and modern, meaning girls don’t just benefit from safe spaces, but also creative, collaborative and contemplative spaces. 

Better academic results 

Research shows that girls consistently achieve higher academic results at all levels in a single-sex environment. 

Leadership opportunities 

Functioning in a single-sex environment gives girls the opportunity and encouragement to take on leadership responsibilities, including those traditionally held by men, thereby equipping them with the tools and confidence to succeed in a competitive world.