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Senior School

We understand that every girl is an individual, and that talent and potential lie within each one of us.

Howell's inspires and motivates students, fostering an appetite for lifelong learning and helping them acquire the skills for tackling a competitive and rapidly changing world.

Teaching throughout the Senior School stimulates and challenges, supporting each girl to develop the skills of:

  • Independence
  • Communication
  • Responsibility
  • Organisation
  • Motivation
  • Leadership

The Curriculum

Our teachers have a deep enthusiasm for their subjects and are committed to providing high-quality teaching which develops intellectually curious, self-motivated, enthusiastic young women with an enduring love of learning. Regular, tailored feedback between teacher and student, in all aspects of work and play, is at the heart of our success in allowing each girl to realise her true potential.

In Year 7, girls study Science, ICT, History, Geography, Religious Studies, Welsh, French and Spanish, Mathematics and English. 

The Arts are integral, with Music, Drama, Art and Design and Product Design also studied. A healthy approach to life is nurtured through Physical Education and the Wellbeing Programme. 

In Year 8, all girls choose two Modern Foreign Languages to continue to study, and they also begin their study of Latin.

In Year 10-11, most girls will take 10 GCSE subjects, including Mathematics, English Language and Literature; we believe in quality not quantity and the girls must have time for extracurricular activities as well as have time for themselves. We encourage girls to pursue a modern, broad and varied curriculum to ensure that each girl’s aspirations for the next stage of her education are supported.  A minimum of two Science GCSEs and at least one Modern Foreign Language is recommended, as well as a Humanity. 

Outside the Classroom

It is important that the students strike a successful balance between academic and co-curricular activity, and everyone is encouraged to have a go, whatever their level of ability. 

At Howell's All-Girls Senior School, we embrace the uniqueness of every girl, recognising the individual talents and potential within each student. Our co-curricular programme offers girls the chance to experience new opportunities and we are committed to helping each girl to find an activity that suits her.

From debating current affairs to rowing, from photography to environmental concerns, we believe that education doesn’t begin and end at the door to the classroom.

A Caring Environment

During their time in the Senior School, our girls make the challenging transition from childhood to adulthood. At Howell’s we pride ourselves on our inclusive, nurturing approach. Through providing activities and resources designed to immerse our students in a broad range of experiences, we aim to engender tolerance, understanding and moral sensitivity.

Pastoral care isn't something that happens when things go wrong; it's a constant support network for your daughter's time at Howell’s.

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