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22 January 2021

Creative Crunch

Creative Crunch

As a continuation from ‘Poetry Pitstop’ which ran in the first lockdown, this term we are running ‘Creative Crunch’.  Each week, the English Department invites students, teachers and followers on social media to do something creative.  Last week’s challenge was:

Who doesn’t love a teddy bear? Share your bears this week by writing a story or poem about a bear; or you could even read a story, recommend a book, take a photo or draw a picture of a bear. 

We hope you enjoy these two heart-warming poems written by two of our  Year 8 poets, with a lovely teddy photograph by Emma B.

My best friend Bobbles

Rhiannon E-B

My best friend Bobbles is so comfy and soft,

And is always there whenever I feel sad and lost,

His fur is like snow that is crystallized and pristine,

His eyes are mysterious and black and gleam prettily,

He’s such a warm, faithful friend,

And his love for me will never end,

He’s always there when I need him most,

And will stay by me for evermore.



My Teddy

Mia R

Awaking to the morning sun, I see a warm face greeting me.

My troubles have flown away, I am carefree.

Two polished, black button eyes,

A pair of satin ears, as blue as the skies.

Fur so patchy and faded yet,

I love him as much as the day we met.


I pull myself out of bed,

Ready for the magical day ahead.

We could travel here and there,

We could travel anywhere!

The places him and I  will go,

Nobody could know.


Not everyone could  understand how,

He is my best friend now.

And even though he is old,

My teddy has a heart of gold.  




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