Year 7 Poetry

What wonderful wordsmiths we have in Year 7!  Not only have they been writing excellent ‘Belonging’ stories, but many are also writing poetry in their spare time.  We are very grateful to them for allowing us to share some of their poems below:

Tia. D

Snow falls from the skies above.

A thin layer of icing covers the world.

The pond frozen over, with a glistening, layer of ice.

It reflects the the clear blue skies, up above.

Though the world is white, the skies are bright.

The naked trees, now in a petite coat of of powdered snow.

The fields are crisp, but damp with snow, and dew.

The breeze comes, like a wave of calm, occasionally lifting, a fallen leaf.


Becky D

The world is watching you

The world is watching you,

Like an owl,

It hoots if you make a mistake,

The world is watching you.


The world is scanning you,

Like an x-ray,

Trying to see what’s underneath,

The world is scanning you.


The world is listening to you,

Like a hawk,

Trying to find its next prey,

The world is listening to you.


The world is watching, scanning and listening to you,

That’s why you hide in the dark,

Scared of its big owl eyes and hawk-like ears,

The world is watching you.


But you can never hide,

From those big shiny eyes scanning you and judging you,

Who cares what it thinks,

When you are born to be watched by the world!


Phoebe C


Posted 13 January 2021
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