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Welcome To Howell's Nursery

Every day brings a new chance to ask questions, to try out new skills and to find out more about the world around us.

From exploring the wonders of light through kaleidoscopes and mirrors to dancing in the rain and witnessing the mesmerizing transformation of chocolate into tea-time treats, the journey at our nursery is known for its personal and attentive approach. At Howell's Nursery School in Cardiff, we foster curiosity and creativity in our youngest girls to start their journey with education

In our two airy, bright classrooms, we explore real life situations through role play, dressing up, puppets and stories. The girls create their own small worlds using a variety of toys brought alive by imagination.

Sand, pine cones, driftwood and pebbles allow us to explore different textures and experiment with different materials. The water tray allows the girls to discover what floats and sinks, and what happens when things get wet.

We have enclosed green spaces for planting and exploring, open space for running, riding trikes and imaginative play, purpose-built wooden climbing equipment and peaceful spaces for a quiet time with a book. 

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Essential Information

Your daughter can join our Nursery from her third birthday. We appreciate that for families with young children, flexibility is key, so we offer full or part-time places to suit your needs.

Our Nursery is open Monday to Friday during term time. Our usual ‘school day’ is 9am to 3pm.

Breakfast Club and After School Care

Howell’s School offers a Breakfast Club and After School Care, so your daughter can start her day with us from 7.45am and stay with us until 5.45pm. 

Howell’s Holiday Club

Holiday Club is provided during the school holiday period. 

Useful Documents

Parental Booklet

Open Days